Monday, February 1, 2016

Fat bike worlds

Last weekend marked the first inaugural fat bike worlds and it was in crested butte. Having fallen in love with fat biking and more recently also with skate skiing AND having never been to CB I decided this was a great way to kick off my 2016 year of doing epic shit. (Sidebar: I raced my first race a few weeks ago - a late afternoon fat bike race in winter park, and took second!). 

So upon arrival to CB I immediately whip out my skis and try their amazing world renowned Nordic trails. I imagine that's what heaven looks like. 

After several hours of solo skate bliss I opted to try a yoga class and wouldn't you know it, my pants matched the wall ;) 

This was followed by my first time at secret stash for the notorious FIG pizza i had heard so much about. It definitely lives up to the hype and provided dinner and breakfast ! 

Friday I attended the morning session of the fat bike summit. Good talks were had by all. 

Then it was time to get the fat bike out for a recon ride and I giggled like a school girl the whole time. There is something about being on an absurdly big bike with huge tires plowing through the white stuff ... 

Saturday was the big dance and I raced the women's open division which was three laps of approx 5.5 miles each. The laps were not all groomed trails and much of The deep mashed potato-like snow required walking/pushing my bike. My heart rate was pegged the entire time. The third lap I fell over and over again with the bigger ruts forming from riders before me and deep channels forming that were hard to keep the tires in. One slight deviation and bam !!! the bike was on the ground. But hey snow is soft right ?! About a mile from the finish I was going too fast and lost control. I bailed from the bike as i had done twenty times already ... except this time was different. I landed with my left arm out and felt an immediate sensation in my left shoulder. As I fell I landed on my handlebars with my right ribs. Ouch and ouch. 

I feared i had broken my left collarbone again. No one could visually tell me what was wrong. So I began walking my bike to the finish and then running out of patience hopped on and rode to the finish to get it over with. 

Medics greeted me there and the local ortho doc invited me to his office for X-rays. Sure enough my collarbone broke at the end of the old plate. 

So while i didn't win the race, I loaded up on some street cred for finishing. ;) and then I loaded up
And drove home

Surgery is tomorrow --look for updates and pics soon. 

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